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Pneumatic Feed Service offers the most comprehensive reconditioning services for coil handling equipment in the metal forming industry.

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The most versatile system designed for handling a wide range of material widths and thicknesses. Coil load car provides effecient coil loading and the combination peeler / threader / debender / hold down station and exiting thread table allow one operator to power thread material from the reel to servo feed entry.

coil feed diagram


This system features a pull-off reel and powered straightener to supply a free loop of stock to the servo roll feed. This high speed system is preferred for minimum or non-marking light gauge operations.

coil feed diagram


The servo feeder/straightener removes coil curvature and accurately indexes material into the press. This cost effective system requires much less floor space than a powered straightener type system and is designed to run lighter gauge material.

coil feed diagram


This system includes a powered coil reel and motorized hold down arm, with clock spring guard. The motorized wheel and thread table allow smooth threading into the servo feeder / straightener. This system can be used for various types of material.

coil feed diagram


This system includes a coil load car and combination peeler / threader / debender / hold down station and exit thread table to efficiently process a wide range of material widths and thickness. The system provides efficient loading, threading and set up operations while minimizing floor space requirements.

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AC Servo and variable frequency drive control systems for most makes and models.

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